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Spiritan Vocation Promotion in Asia

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Our Formation Program
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Spiritan Formation House, Pindugangan, Iligan City. Philippines

"Our Congregation is fortunate in having young people who wish to share in our mission. Their request to enter the congregation implies their readiness to prepare for this by following an appropriate formation programme and to renew themselves continually throughout their lives. The world in which we live is changing ever more rapidly and so is calling us to new types of mission and witness (Maynooth 2)."


“An ethos of freedom with responsibility is fundamental to all areas of [Spiritan] formation”(Torre d’Aguilha 6.2).

Here is our program for formation: from aspirancy to theology and beyond.
Aspirancy - 1 year
Postulancy - 1 year, but the length may depend on the requirements regarding prior philosophical studies of the institute of theological studies.
Novitiate - 1 year
OTP or 'Stage' - 1 year, to be done after two years of theology.
Theology - 4 years

The integral development of the whole person is characteristic of the entire Spiritan formation process (Torre d'Aguilha 6.14).

"Candidates in formation will be trained in collaborative ministry with the laity as part of the discerning process and with a view to learning important skills for future ministry" (Torre d'Aguilha 6.7).

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