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Save Children of Incarcerated Parents (SCIP)

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About Us

When parents go to jail, their children suffer too
Parents languishing behind bars at Iligan City Jail

Save Children of Incarcerated Parents (SCIP) is a project of the Congregation of the Holy Spirit (Spiritans), Philippines. It is non-profit community-based organization that assists inmate parents, their children and other family members in maintaining critically important family ties during the parent’s incarceration. When a mother goes to prison, her children suffer. The range of emotional and social difficulties children experience include shame, fear, anxiety, acting out, doing poorly in school and becoming withdrawn. How these issues are dealt with can have a profound impact on a child’s future.


An estimated 9,000 children in Iligan and its environs have either mother or father who is in prison. On average, these children spend 6 years, 8 months away from their either their father or mother and sometimes from both. Such separation, as is evident here in the Southern Philippines, leads most often to acting out and doing poorly in school. Research has also shown that these children are also five times more likely to end up in prison themselves. This is precisely why Support for Children of Incarcerated Parents (SCIP) exists today.


Founded and created in 2002 by Fr. Chibuike Ojilere (a Spiritan Missionary in the Philippines), SCIP seeks to diminish the impact of the parents’ incarceration on family relationships through a variety of support services to the children and other family members. These include after school programming, summer camp, and Saturday programs for the children, transportation of children for prison visits, emergency aid for families, and information and referral for mothers and caregivers. We also provide consultation to legislators, judges and other professionals on child custody issues.

SCIP gives hope to children of imprisoned parents, their families and our communities. We are the only nonprofit organization in the entire Southern Philippine island of Mindanao whose sole mission is to provide programs and services to inspire hope, educate and empower children to become successful adults and reduce the chance that they will turn to crime. By working with these children and their families, SCIP is making our communities safer, breaking the cycle of poverty and building bridges for a prosperous future for poor children.


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Compassionately inspiring hope in children of imprisoned parents and their families